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Here’s how you can get P100 for free from Paymaya Referral!

Do you want P100 while doing pretty much nothing but sharing a referral code from Paymaya? Well lucky for you, Paymaya has brought back the PayMaya referral program and its now much easier.

What basically happens is you generate a code which your friends can use to sign up. When they sign up for the service (which is more important now due to this whole “new normal” and the COVID-19), both you (the person with the referral code) and the new sign (i.e. the person who used your code) will get P100 on your respective Paymaya account.

To invite friends:
  • Tap the menu button on your PayMaya account
  • Choose “Invite Friends”
  • Share your unique invite code to as many friends as you like
To sign up with an invite code:
  • Download the PayMaya app and register
  • Input your friend’s invite code on the “Get free credits” screen and submit the code
  • Upgrade your PayMaya account for free
  • Add Money to your account

You can also check out https://www.paymaya.com/refer for more details.

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