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REVIEW: Shopee x Colgate Gift Pack

Here’s a quick product review for the Shopee x Colgate gift pack which is still available from Shopee either through the app or on the website!


As a dad, I thought it was a great product to seel online. It ships out in this cute and cuddly box with a small bunny stuff toy, two boxes of Colgate toothpaste and a baby toothbrush all neatly packed. The packaging is definitely a treat to see. My daughter loved seeing if for the first time, with the arrival of a new stuffed bunny being the highlight of the day. 

The real seller here though are the toothpastes that come along…


And the baby toothbrush was also a great addition. Basically it’s got some magic whammy with kids to make them want to brush teeth. Although its more psychology and marketing rather than chaos magic to be honest. 

I also have to admit that as a dad looking out for my kid’s well-being and enjoyment, that rabbit plushie sure looks great. I mean its smaller than the regular plushies that I buy my kid but at the same time it looks adorable even for my standards. 

I also liked that the main campaign for this is to hit certain “smilestones” and at the same time introduce children to the wonders of brushing their teeth at a young age. 

So if you do get to see this on Shopee, be sure to order because its definitely a big help especially for geek dads who want to introduce their kids to the concept of brushing their teeth and oral care!

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