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Superman: Man of Tomorrow Official Trailer

Here’s a brand new look at a radically different DC animated film; a departure from their traditional “War-verse” style animation. Check out the Superman: Man of Tomorrow official trailer which was made available by Warner Bros Pictures and DC Comics yesterday!

Superman: Man of Tomorrow official trailer

I gotta say this movie directed by Chris Palmer has a lot of Man of Steel feels in it. Plus it did take me on a ride of emotions from being happy that we see a lot of familiar faces to being a little sad that they did not mention the Legion of Superheroes anywhere in this flashback story. The fights look great too and I have to give the thumbs up for the character designs including a very Darrren Criss looking Superman/Clark Kent and even Martian Manhunter.

Plus points that they have Alexandra Daddario as Lois Lane in this one, Please, please please keep her for the next few Superman projects.

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