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Metal Gear Solid Tubbz turns Solid Snake and Revolver Ocelot into Adorable Ducks

Here’s our first look at the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Tubbz toys which turned MGS protagonist Solid Snake and Revolver Ocelot into adorable ducks!

These toys and the toyline was created by Numskull Designs together with Konami, who currently hold the rights to the IP for the game franchise which they may or may not have forcibly taken from series creator Hideo Kojima.

The Metal Gear Solid Tubbz toys are only of the many other products under the Tubbz line (styled as TUBBZ). There are other characters you can check out online, of course all of them are ducks too.

Solid Snake

Revolver Ocelot


You know what’s even better? Numskull Designs plans to release 10 more characters under the Metal Gear Solid Tubbz collection. They did opt to release these two first. Now I’m wondering why they didn’t use Liquid Snake?

This collection is set for release July 2020 and will feature its own bathtub display box together with the Metal Gear Solid logo. Lastly you can stack each figure on top of each other to make it more appealing and easy to store.

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