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DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho Wave featuring Wonder Girl and DKIII Wonder Woman

Fresh from our feature for the DC Multiverse Clayface wave, there’s another wave of DC figures from Mattel; talking about the DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho wave featuring Teen Titans’ Wonder Girl and The Dark Knight III’s Wonder Woman.

Check out these two figures that actually comprises the entire wave of 6 inch action figures…

DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho Wave – Wonder Woman

While the paint and sculpt job looks mediocre and she’s limited to just a dagger, this Wonder Woman (who happens to be Superman’s wife in the Frank Miller TDKR universe) still looks badass. Also you seriously need to read Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race (Batman Dark Knight)

DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho Wave – Wonder Girl

Seeing Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl in her Teen Titans (Pre- New 52) costume gives me a sense of nostalgia. Limited accessories are again an issue here but at least we get a NEW Wonder Girl action figure. We’ve sorely been lacking this for years now. The New 52 version didn’t really pick up well too or so I heard.

The CnC figure for this wave is Dr. Psycho and he looks like this:

This two-figure DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho Wave will be available early next year.

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