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Marvel Legends Nightcrawler Review + Unboxing

Here’s my Marvel Legends Nightcrawler review and unboxing from the Wendigo wave from Hasbro.

Marvel Legends Nightcrawler Review

Some thoughts from outside the review video.

– the packaging is impressive and a bit hard to get through when you first open the figure.
– I love the amount of accessories they packed into Nightcrawler for this one. Three heads, an extra pair of hands and a sword.
– The tail on this figure is also something worth noting. I can’t believe that they actually put some effort with the semi-articulated tail.
– The way Hasbro painted the entire figure is also worth getting.
– Having a Marvel Legends Nightcrawler also opens the door for a 90s Excalibur so you better be doing something about this fandom Hasbro. Bring out Excalibur Kitty Pryde! Bring out Captain Britain! Bring out Rachel Grey’s Phoenix!

So there you go! What do you think? Cop or drop? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more Marvel Legends news and updates!

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