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Uniqlo Gunpla 40th Anniversary Collection Coming to Manila in June!!

We haven’t heard anything from our friends from Uniqlo for quite some time now thanks to COVID-19 and the ECQ that put Luzon on lockdown for 2 months but now that things are moving slowly, we are getting news of when some of the anime and popculture collections from Uniqlo would be coming out. Case in point, the Uniqlo Gunpla 40th Anniversary collection which was teased some time back.

That announcement for the collection was done way back in February 2020 and was originally slated for release in stores around April 2020. But yeah, that lockdown happened but at least we’re getting these. Check out the confirmation that Uniqlo PH posted on their Facebook page.

And check out the collection that would be coming to our shores next month.

Too bad its unlikely that the Gunpla kits that come along with the shirts would be sold in Uniqlo stores. The thing is, distribution of Gunpla is handled by a different entity so that’s a big no. But at least we have more Gundam-themed shirts to wear right?

I’m definitely crushing on the Strike Freedom and Unicorn shirt. The black shirt with the Zaku II mention also seems like a good contender. But I highly recommend you get the Unicorn gundam shirt when it drops next month. After this I’m hoping we get the Ultraman Collection and the Neon Genesis Evangelion collection.

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