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Uniqlo x Ultraman Shirts Coming this April


Ultraman fans and Toku fans alike rejoice! Uniqlo recently revealed that they will be launching a special commemorative wave of shirts featuring Ultraman. These Uniqlo x Ultraman shirts are set to be released by April according to one source.

As usual, the clothing brand isn’t a fan of black shirts so many of the really good designs for the Uniqlo x Ultraman shirts are in white. The black and colored shirts ain’t so bad though. But if I was really being honest, I’d like to wear some of the designs in a darker color like this one with the most recent Ultramen…umm… Ultrapeople….

The new generation gang’s all here too from Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blue to Ultraman Victory and Geed and a whole lot more. But yeah, its in white.

They do have a colored shirt with a classic, featuring Ultraman Zero and UltraSeven

We also get Baltan, which I think is a fair trade…

And there’s also one shirt featuring the evilest of all Ultramen, Ultraman Belial…

Check out the rest of the designs in the gallery below:

Uniqlo x Ultraman Gallery

Fingers crossed we get these designs from Uniqlo Philippines stores. Hopefully!

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  1. May 20, 2020

    […] you get the Unicorn gundam shirt when it drops next month. After this I’m hoping we get the Ultraman Collection and the Neon Genesis Evangelion […]

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