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Kim Chiu claps back with her own version of “Bawal Lumabas” with DJ Squammy and Adrian

I have to do a slow clap for Kim Chiu who turned something that was severely thrashed into something that’s positive and could potentially earn her more money. That’s right, she did a clapback for her “Bawal Lumabas”/ classroom online rant and she made an official video for that.

Remember Angel Locsin even defended her and Coco Martin who got a lot of bashers for their recent posts about the current situation of the Philippines, the government and the response to COVID-19.

She went offline during the peak of the video getting traction and you can see in the video what she was doing during her time out.

You can check out the video below.

Part of the inspiration was the many songs/covers that were created after her trending video. Here are some of the cover videos that popped up on Youtube and Tiktok after that.

It’s funny and all that. Here’s another version, a ballad version this time..

Again I’m pretty impressed with this classy clapback. She took the bashing graciously and came out with something more entertaining to say the least. And hey, the actual YT video she posted has already garnered 900,000 views after being released yesterday!

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