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Black Widow Marvel Collector Corps Funko Box Set Revealed

Here’s our first look at the upcoming Black Widow Marvel Collector Corps Funko Box set from Marvel and Funko!

There could be some potential spoilers in this box so spoiler alert is in order.

First let’s look at the box for the Black Widow Marvel Collector Corps Funko box set.

That definitely looks sexy. And yes, expect five items that come along with this mystery box. So what’s in the box?

Credits: Funko Dojo

Above you’ll see the entirety of the Collector Corps box. We have two figures, a shirt and a Red Guardian themed

sticker amongst them. Here’s a closer look at the two figures that comes with the Black Widow Collector Corps box set from Funko.

Credits: Funko Dojo

The exclusive figures that come along includes a battle-damaged Black Widow with her new escrima sticks that can expand into whips and a civilian Red Guardian/ Alexei clutching what appears to be an action figure or a doll of his younger self. Again there’s the Red Guardian sticker and a cool Taskmaster pin.

Then we also have a grey Pop Tees that comes along with the box. This shirt prominently features a Funko Pop rendition of Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha together with her “family” in the background.

Credits: Funko Dojo

No word yet when this box set would go on pre-order or sale but you can be sure that its worth getting for that Alexei figure alone. Plust the Taskmaster pin is to die.

This could fetch around PhP5000 in our shores and there are a number of dealers in Metro Manila that could start taking orders for this.

Credits: Funko Dojo

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