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Review: Extraction

Here’s my review for the Netflix film Extraction which stars Chris Hemsworth and directed by Sam Hargrave.

The Thor actor plays mercenary Tyler Rake as he is thrust into a mission that fundamentally changes his life as he rescues a drug lord’s son in Bangladesh.

If you want a short and sweet description for the movie it’s like John Wick being sent on a Call of Duty mission.

Extraction is a great action movie. You can put it around the shelf as the first “John Wick” in terms of tightness of action and the quality of the action scenes. Director Sam Hargrave meticulously crafted a great action film that once again pushes the genre to the next possible evolution.

Chris Hemsworth once again shows that he’s got not just the looks but also the talent. And while his other stuff may be hit or miss, Extraction is more the former rather than the latter. And given the fact that this is an action movie, we don’t have to expect too much from the film. Slight drama and character development here and there mostly for Rake. But the dude is physical and is brutal. No wonder people are saying that he needs to do more action films like this. He’s good.

Other cast also had their moments like Saju (Randeep Hooda) and Golshifteh Farahani (Nik Khan). Nik particularly in the ending was badass. But the clear winner in terms of best supporting character for me in this Extraction review would be Rudhraksh Jaiswal who plays Ovi. His is a character that brings Rake closer to his death wish and at the same time pulls him out of that same deathwish, giving him a renewed want for life. Of course that may or may not be the case if you’ve seen the film already but either way, Ovi’s presence and Jaiswal’s acting definitely acts as a catalyst for change for Hemsworth’s action hero.

And while you may have probably heard or read it from other reviews already, Extraction gets high marks for that awesome 12 minute tracking shot which puts Netflix’s Daredevil corrider scene to shame. Again, it pushes the envelope to the next level. Something you should expect from part of the team that brought us Avengers: Endgame and that massive climatic fight at the end.

Overall I loved what they did with Extraction. I don’t have to think deep and rather just enjoy the action scenes and tense moments sprinkled throughout the film. Chris Hemsworth was astounding here and I would definitely put this in the upper half of his film career.

Extraction Verdict:


Extraction is now streaming on Netflix!

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