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10 Reasons to Watch That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

I recently finished the first season of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and rather than do a standard review, I decided to convince you fanboys and fangirls to see the series. So here are 10 Reasons to Watch That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!

Spoilers abound so Spoiler Alert…

10. It’s an easy to digest isekai title

Isekai titles can be a little too dark or too deep. For this series, its not so darkm for the first season alone, nobody seems to become super real enemies for Rimuru and his Nation. From characters like Demon Lord Milim Nava. But in the end, it all turns out well and they become good friends. It’s just a feel good series.

9. The power levels are just insane

The series protagonist, Rimuru Tempest, comes out the door swinging in terms of power. Fighting wolves he’s already showing some form of advantage which he uses to easily dispatch the baddie and move the story forward. In later parts of the season, Rimuru continues to battle stronger enemies which he either shows superiority. It’s good that we don’t have the usual anime tropes like getting power-ups by the power of friendship.

8. Character designs are OK

Like bishoujo ladies or bishonen boys? They have plenty of that here in this series. Loli fans would also get a kick on the previously Milim who packs a helluva punch while still being cute as a button. I have to admit, I loved what they did with Rimuru’s “human form” which is a cool androgynous character who has features of both a guy and a girl. Even the backstory on how this came to be is something truly endearing.

7. MAO or Mao Ichimichi is Shion

This deserves its own item in this list because most of the fanboys following this blog are fans of the former Gokaiger star Mao Ichimichi. Now known as M.A.O. she’s also done a lot of stuff for other series and programs including another VO work for Kyuranger. In this series though, she perfectly balances between being a cutesy ogre secretary and a vicious warrior protecting Rimuru. But most of the time she’s the former rather than the latter.

6. You get attached to the supporting characters… no matter how annoying

Every series has these annoying characters that either make your blood boil or just want to avert your eyes whenever they pop up. Here they kinda have one in the form of Goblin Rider Gobta but the series’ writing makes a way to turn that annoyance into something else. They actually make Gobta a truly impressive character. And that’s what we don’t see in other books and titles at the moment. The annoying character is just there to annoy and be the comedy foil.

For “That Time”, they take a different approach with Gobta. He’s become an integral character that by the time the Lizardmen characters are introduced to the story, they have the annoying representative go one on one with Gobta…

5. There’s heart in this one

As we follow Rimuru through his adventures in this brave new world, we get a lot of great character development and a few tearjerking moments too. While it’s light in terms of tone, there are some great yet sad moments. It may not be as stretched as the manga but in the short time that characters appear you get to share their thoughts and backstory. One example is the legendary hero Shizue Izawa¬†who is kinda Rimuru’s love interest until something happens. You’ll kinda have your heartbroken seeing how this tragic character lives her life in this different world and all the trauma that she’s had to endure through the years.

4. There’s Just so many things to do in one season alone

You have to love this world that these characters. It’s just rich with so much potential. Like we know that the first season only focused on a number of countries and areas. It’s not yet the world. But I feel like they took their sweet time and that’s perfect fine.

3. It still has a long way to go.

One of the things that makes or breaks Isekai anime for me would be how far they go. Some would require more than a dozen seasons to be completed while there are others that are too damn short. It looks like “Slime” is the latter and I would totally love that and so would you. We haven’t even reached the part of Veldora Tempest being freed and being used in battle.

2. It’s a crash course in Economics

Whoever said that you don’t learn economics from anime hasn’t seen an episode of TIGRAS. Each episode is just filled with economic concepts and political concepts that you can’t help but be attached. I was worried about a double cross when Rimuru made a deal with the King Gazeru of Armament Kingdom of Dwargon. But its later revealed that it was a good decision and even when Rimuru evolved further and grew stronger, he can his support from Gazeru stay strong. Plus as the story progresses and trade connections open, you can see how their monster nation is slowly growing.

1. It’s a feel good anime

Even when it did its season finale, it still had a feel good vibe. And this is one of the simplest reasons why I would recommend this series. Its got danger and action and violence but at the same time it still finds its footing to give viewers and fans feel good moment. You don’t leave with a heavy heart at all.

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