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Trending: IBPAP denies POGOs are BPOs

The IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines or IBPAP have commented on the trending topic of the government’s claim that POGOs are BPOs.

You can check out the statement released online and on social media about BPOs and POGOs after the cut.

Context: Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque has stated that POGOs or Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators are needed to get back to work because they are classified as BPOs or Business Process Outsourcing. This was followed by outcry from citizens as well as businesses. POGOs and most businesses in Luzon have stopped operations as part of the Extended Community Quarantine which was announced back in March 2020.

Now Rey Untal, the president of the BPAP, has released an official statement on whether or not POGOs should be seen as BPOs or not and the answer is a resounding No. Two of the bigger takeaways from the statement about the issue is that they are similar in nature with both entities working locally with a client abroad. But the similarities end there. The regulating body for BPOs is the PEZA while POGOs fall under the PAGCOR’s jurisdiction.

What do you guys think? Are POGOs BPOs or not? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

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