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The Phoenix Returns as a Threat in Avengers # 32

It looks like The Phoenix returns as a threat in Avengers # 32 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness and it has deep ties to what happened in AvX aka Avengers vs X-Men!

In this issue we have a segment where we find Namor having thoughts about his ongoing beef with the surface world. We’ve already seen him build his own team of Defenders of the Deep but he fears that he’ll lose more if he lets those superhumans on the world above the sea. The bartender (Mephisto in disguise) tells him to join up with the other enemies of the Avengers to take them down once and for all. But he doesnt want to yet.

In the final pages of Avengers # 32, we see Namor alone and looking to do something drastic.

So what do you guys think of the return of the Phoenix as a threat in Avengers # 32? Will this reel in readers who kinda dropped the title or would it just die down after awhile?

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