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Actor Kim Bodnia cast as Vesemir for Netflix’s The Witcher season 2

Now onto short The Witcher season 2 news. Apparently Netflix has found the actor to play Vesemir and he’s Kim Bodnia (Killing Eve) and he’s going to be part of the second season for roughly eight episodes!

I’m rather sad that they didn’t give the Vesemir role to Mark Hamill who fans have rallied behind as their main guy but seeing the end product at the capable hands of showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, I think she did a good call.

In a recent interview, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich says:

I am so thrilled to welcome Kim Bodnia to the cast of ‘The Witcher’. I have admired his unique talents in shows like ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘The Bridge,’ and cannot wait for him to bring strength, tenacity, and warmth to the character of Vesemir, who is such an integral part of our upcoming season.

Who is Vesemir?

The tl;dr version is that Vesemir is the headmaster of Geralt of Rivia’s School of the Wolf in Kaer Morhan. He survived the Massacre of Kaer Morhan and was really the hunting teacher. He did get the position of headmaster because there wasn’t anybody older from the survivor. He also plays the role of father figure for Geralt of Rivia as seen in the three existing ‘Witcher’ games.

Here’s what they wrote for his journal entry for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Vesemir was the oldest living member of the Wolf School and most likely the oldest witcher of any school on the Continent.

About as long in years as the ruins of Kaer Morhen themselves and eternally complaining about his creaky bones, this master of the witcher trade gave no thought to a well-deserved retirement. Gray, but still spry, he continued to ply the monster hunting trade into his golden years – effectively, too, as he’d seen more beasts than all his students put together.

A harsh and demanding instructor in Geralt’s youth, over the years he had become something of an adoptive father and mentor to the other witchers, always ready to help with sage advice and steady hands.

In the spring of 1272, when our story begins, Vesemir had joined Geralt on his search for Yennefer, trekking with him through war-ravaged Temeria.

Vesemir always said no witcher had ever died in his own bed, so death in combat surely awaited him as well. Death’s waiting ended on the mournful day when the Wild Hunt descended on Kaer Morhen in pursuit of Ciri. Vesemir gave his all to protect his former ward, whom he had always treated like an adopted granddaughter, and died a hero’s death at the hands of Imlerith, the Hunt’s cruel general.

Based on the best-selling fantasy novel series of books, “The Witcher” tells the story of three individuals, Geralt, Ciri (Freya Allen) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), as they travel the vast world of The Continent, where humans, elves, witchers, gnomes, and monsters battle to survive and thrive, and where good and evil is not easily identified.

Joey Batey will also return to the series as the playful bard Jaskier. Schmidt Hissrich, Tomek Baginski, Jason F. Brown, Sean Daniel, Mike Ostrowski, Steve Gaub and Jarosław Sawko serve as executive producers on the series.

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