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Overwatch, Hearthstone and More Return for the Uniqlo UT Blizzard Collection 2019

Mark your calendars fanboys and fangirls as a new batch of Blizzard inspired shirts are coming to Uniqlo stores soon in the Philippines. We’re talking about the Uniqlo UT Blizzard Collection 2019 and it’s got a lot of promising designs to choose from especially if you’re a fan of stuff like Overwatch and even Hearthstone (surprisingly).

Gotta give a hat tip to Uniqlo for being able to tap into the geek market like that. Recently they did a collection for Gundam, Super Mario, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter.

Now these Uniqlo UT Blizzard Collection 2019 shirts are back to help gamers and geeks fly their flags proudly whether its a casual day outside or a very serious moment in the office (where there’s no dress code anyway). Check out the 12 designs below.

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I don’t know about you guys but I dig the fact that there are three shirts with Overwatch’s D.Va in it. Plus there’s Hearthstone recognition which is really nice because we didn’t get much from the last collection. Also I have to point out that the number of shirts Uniqlo came up with this year is short of three. Last year’s collection was a solid 15 but this year, its just 12.

No word yet on when these shirts will be released locally but reports are confirming that the shirts will be available May 20 in Japan. We can only assume that the Philippines and the rest of Asia will follow suit. Pricing-wise, let’s all assume that it would be around P800 again.

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