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X-Men # 7 Spoilers – Cyclops and Wolverine have a thing?

Well it looks like Jonathan Hickman is still teasing the love triangle game between Cyclops and Wolverine and Jean Grey in this X-Men # 7 Spoilers post.

This issue was written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Leinil Francis Yu…

The story is actually more about this “Crucible” in Krakoa but the first few pages focuses on a discussion between Wolverine and Cyclops in their quarters in the moon.

In one of those moments the two are talking, Cyclops tells Wolverine that he and Jean will be bringing their kids to a nice vacation spot in space. He also invites Wolverine to come along. Logan relishes on the idea of Jean wearing a bikini and Scott injects the idea of him wearing speedos, to which Wolverine enjoys the idea.

Nothing short of having the two passionately kiss or have a threesome with Jean Grey, it looks like we’re almost certain that the two are sexually involved too. This means that all the points of the triangle are active in this love triangle.

X-Men # 7 is now out in stores

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