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Avengers: Twilight Covers from various artists provides a look at grown-up Ms Marvel

Check out the Avengers: Twilight covers provided by various artists for the upcoming limited series written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Daniel Acuña.

“In a gleaming new world of prosperity, Captain America is no more. But Steve Rogers still exists, floating through an America where freedom is an illusion, where THE AVENGERS are strangers and his friends are long dead. But is the Dream? How do you assemble Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them?”

Check out the covers by artists including Alex Ross and more.

Issue 2

Issue # 3

Issue # 4

And here’s the Daniel Acuna covers…

Issue # 2

Issue # 3

Issue # 4

We also get a Simone Bianchi cover for Avengers: Twilight # 4

Chip Zdarsky says:

“My goal with anything is to create a story that is both new reader friendly and also welcomes in older readers who will enjoy the references sprinkled throughout. I think if you have a base knowledge of Marvel super heroes, there’s really something for you here. And getting a chance to do something that’s self-contained in six issues with one consistent artist throughout is my favorite kind of project because those are types of books you can sell forever.”

What is Avengers: Twilight about?
Zdarsky and Acuña’s new series centers on an aged Steve Rogers. The retired hero suits up as Captain America one last time in an attempt to save the world — and salvage the Avengers‘ tarnished legacy while he’s at it. In this dark version of Marvel’s future, many of Cap’s friends and allies are long dead. In their place stands an all-new team of corrupt “heroes” (some of whom have direct ties to the Avengers of old).

Avengers: Twilight #1 goes on sale January 10, 2024 from Marvel Comics. Issue #2 goes on sale on January 31, followed by issue #3 on February 28 and issue #4 on March 13.

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