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New Marauders # 11 Teaser Reveals Fate of Kitty Pryde

Marvel’s X-Books editor Jordan White shared a new teaser for the upcoming Marauders # 11 with art featuring a very dead Kitty Pryde.

Here’s what he actually posted on Twitter:

So what are we actually looking at? We’re seeing two of Kitty’s closest friends and teammates on her “Marauders” team seemingly getting ready to bury the captain. And it ties neatly to what has happened in the book so far.


So in the past few issues, the almost perfect team of omega level mutants have been going through problems as of late. Pyro’s unknowingly being the mole for the anti-mutant conglomerate known as Verendi with Bishop stowing away in their boat to find out more.

Meanwhile, Kitty was recently beaten by Sebastian Shaw, who made a powerplay behind Emma Frost’s back. Shaw may or may not have killed Lockheed…

Meanwhile Shaw also manages to “drown” Kitty….

And why is this bad? Because she can’t enter Krakoa directly through the gates, one of the book’s biggest mystery. Why the phasing girl can’t get through Krakoa…

So what do you guys think? is this going to be a permanent thing? or is this just a big tease from Gerry Duggan and company? Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more X-Men news and updates!

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