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Marvel Announces Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex # 1 with Jonathan Hickman and Rod Reis

Fantomex is set to return to the world of the Krakoans with the announcement of new one shot called Giant Size X-Men : Fantomex # 1.

The creative team for this is the New Mutants writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Rod Reis.


  • Art and Cover by ROD REIS
  • The hit creative team of Jonathan Hickman & Rod Reis (NEW MUTANTS) turn their attention to the covert activities of the Weapon Plus program’s Weapon XIII! A bred killer who chose the life of a gentleman super-thief, Fantomex has always defied expectations… For example, who would expect him to break into the World, the artificial realm of his creation? And then again? And then… again?

So it looks like Fantomex will be going back to The World, the place where he was born and bred. Of course, there’s also the other Weapon Plus subjects that was created there like Ultimaton. It’s also in this place that Kid Apocalypse aka Genesis was raised before he was eventually set free and joined the X-Men.

So, let’s see how different the place is now that it’s been awhile since we last saw it.

Hopefully we also get to witness the interactions between Professor X and Fantomex after their time bound together as one being during the last volume of Astonishing X-Men.

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