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Classic Marvel Hero Becomes the Villain in Iron Man 2020 # 1

A brand new Iron Man for a brand new year and Marvel’s long term plan finally makes its fruition with Iron Man 2020 aka Arno Stark getting his own book and a new story for this new decade. But not everything is spic and span as a classic Marvel hero has officially become the villain for this brand new Stark and its none other than the Machine Man.

Iron Man 2020 is out now written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage with art by Pete Woods.

So apparently, this new Iron Man has taken over from Tony Stark and Stark Unlimited continues to thrive in robotics and other tech products. What’s surprising is that Machine Man has started the robot revolution by setting up a bunch of Nick Fury LMDs to take people hostage…

This hostage taking situation by Nick Fury LMDs is thwarted by the new Iron Man, Arno Stark, who has also gone public with his identity. And yes, he’s still brandishing that cool armor we’ve seen him wearing since the 80s.

Is during this rescue mission that Arno makes contact with the instigator of this whole robot revolution, the aforementioned Machine Man…

And if you haven’t picked up Slott’s Iron Man book, you’ll be surprised that the dude has already shown his evil side in that book and while Stark was patient with him, it looks like he’s officially lost it once Arno Stark took over the mantle of Iron Man.

This is interesting but probably going to pick it up as each issue comes out with no chance of getting a collected edition or hardbound version.

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