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Nightcrawler gets solo miniseries with Jonathan Hickman and Alan Davis

The Bible X-Man Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner will be getting a miniseries soon with series writer Jonathan Hickman and frequent Nightcrawler creator Alan Davis.

No details have been revealed at the moment but it will certainly dig deep into the lore of Nightcrawler. I’m betting that this would also involve Kurt and his relationship with both the island nation of Krakoa and the mutants living there.

Also Alan Davis is in this project and he’s got a long involvement with Kurt. He has been doing art during the time Nightcrawler was operating in the UK and working with Excalibur. Davis was also doing art for Uncanny X-Men around the time the team were acting as mutant police around the world.

The dude also plays a prominent role here in this new world with X-Men because he’s part of the Quiet Council together with 11 other top tier mutants who are working for the interest of mutantkind including former baddies like Apocalypse and Exodus.

This is truly an interesting project from Hickman and Davis. Hope they reveal more.

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