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Final Fantasy VII Remake Moved to April 2020

Square Enix and the official Facebook page for Final Fantasy VII Remake just posted a new update for the release of the game which will be exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

In the message that was posted online written by Yoshinori Kitase, the game’s producer, they apologized for delaying the game for a few more weeks to polish the game further.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was hyped up to be released on March 3 but is will now have an April 10 release date.

You can check out the message they wrote to the fans.

This delay is nothing compared to the long wait fans had to endure between updates which honestly took years. So what’s a little last hurdle before reaching the finish line right?

I honestly like this better because we could see a more polished fighting mechanic for game protagonist Cloud Strife and his team against Shinra Corp and Sephiroth.

The original Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation and sold over 12.3 million units as of 2019.

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