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PLDT Global partners with online platform AutoDeal

Filipinos overseas will now be able to conveniently access automotive ad listings through their Free Bee app as PLDT Global Corporation teams up with online platform AutoDeal.

In photo (L-R): Daniel Scott, Co-Founder at AutoDeal; Christopher Franks, Co-Founder at AutoDeal; Albert Villa-Real, Chief Commercial Officer at PLDT Global; and Me-Anne Bundalian, Business Unit Head – Partnership & Advertising at PLDT Global.

Under this partnership, OFWs who are looking to invest in vehicles for their families and businesses in the Philippines may now search for car listings on the Free Bee site, and enjoy special content from AutoDeal on the Free Bee app, its a modern day sales funnel if you will.

Free Bee is an award-winning mobile application that allows OFWs to make two-minute calls to their families back home for free, by just listening to an ad. Users can also choose to top up their Free Bee accounts to make premium calls to key overseas Filipino destinations such as the United States, Canada, India, and Korea.

“Our partnership with AutoDeal supports our mission of helping Filipinos abroad by giving them convenient ways and means to access services, such as an automotive marketplace, by just clicking our Free Bee app,” said Albert Villa-Real, Chief Commercial Officer at PLDT Global. “Aside from the listings, AutoDeal will also share with us their content, such as articles, videos, and even car reviews that our overseas Filipinos can actually use to be able to guide them in making the right purchase,” Villa-Real added.

“AutoDeal allows them to communicate directly from their overseas location with official agents and dealers, where they can get multiple quotes at the same time, to find the best price, and send their required documents – making the process much easier. This gives OFWs a really convenient way to remotely shop for a new vehicle,” said Daniel Scott, co-founder at AutoDeal.

For more information, visit www.pldtglobalcorp.com and www.freebeecalls.com.

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