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More Official Photos of the McFarlane Toys The Batman Who Laughs Figure

We already did a feature on the whole wave of DC Multiverse toys coming out soon from McFarlane Toys but for this post we want to show more of the coolest figure that comes out of that wave, the McFarlane Toys The Batman Who Laughs action figure.

If you’re new to the character, this one first appeared during DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Metal event and hails from the dark multiverse, a mirror image dimension where Batman kills the Joker and eventually becomes an even worse figure; a Batman-Joker hybrid.

The Batman Who Laughs Origin

The Batman Who Laughs plays leader for Barbatos’ invading forces of evil Batmen from different realities and had almost rounded up the Justice League and the rest of the DCU’s heroes and even villains.

When Batman and Superman escapes the prison Barbatos designed to hold Superman and everything came undone, Batman had to confront The Batman Who Laughs and stop him with the help of Joker

And while Barbatos failed with his plans of taking over the positive reality, ‘Laughs is still around to give everybody grief. He recently worked together with Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom in “Justice League”; tried to infect Batman in his own self-titled limited series and is now the focal point for the ongoing Batman Superman book with Joshua Williamson and David Marquez.

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