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Rumors: New Mutants is Part of the MCU

Reports are coming in that Marvel has kind of signed off on the idea that the upcoming New Mutants is part of the MCU.

This horror film directed by Josh Boone will star Anya Taylor Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton and more and will focus on a handful of mutants that find themselves admitted into an asylum aimed to treat their “mutant disease”. 20th Century Fox, now owned by Disney, recently released the second trailer for New Mutants. You can also watch the first trailer for New Mutants below:


So where did the notion that the MCU has just added in the New Mutants? Why it came from the D23 website itself! Check out the screenshot from the aforementioned website below.

This has since been removed from the D23 website which could mean that this could have been a mistake from the web masters and content managers of the website. But the possibility of the X-Men and the vast world of the mutants in the MCU could be tantalizing to a lot of fanboys and fangirls. Also it could be highly possible that this could be true with Deadpool 3 already locked in as part of the MCU according to Ryan Reynolds himself.

What do you think of this development? Can we get a glimpse of the MCU’s X-Men through New Mutants? Follow me on Twitter and let’s discuss at @thefanboyseo.

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