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Another “Leaked” Voltes V Legacy Concept Art featuring Voltes V

Following the three concept artworks for GMA’s Voltes V Legacy featuring Mark, Jamie and Prince Zardos/Heinell, we now have a supposed leaked Voltes V Legacy concept art featuring the mech himself, Voltes V.

Above you’ll see the poster that they released for the Voltes V Legacy show on GMA. Below on the other hand you’ll see the “leaked” concept art for Voltes V for his appearance in Voltes V Legacy.

Apologies if its blurry but this is really what we can get so far. We also don’t have confirmation who leaked it or if this was intentionally done just to drum up some more positive hype. I for one like to see this series succeed. In case you haven’t seen the teaser they release during New Year’s Eve, you can watch that teaser below.


No official cast for this series but here’s a wonderful fancasting if they ever did a live-action series. And take note there’s also a Camp Big Falcon somewhere in Luzon in case you want to go and get your anime selfie game up.

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