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Here’s the complete look at the GMA 7 Voltes V Series Concept Art

GMA 7 is definitely.making plans to do a live action Voltes V TV series and they actually released the completed concept artwork for three of the characters namely Prince Heinell and Megumi Oka.

Above you’ll see the design for Megumi Oka aka Jamie Robinson in the local and original dub. Below we also have the series’ main antagonist Prince Heinell of the Bozanian Invasion force aka Prince Zardos.

Finally we have Ippei Mine who is Mark Gordon.

All of these concept artworks are done to obscure the actors and actress who will appear in the series. So we have to wait until midnight later to find out who they cast for the live action Voltes V series on GMA.

I think these are rad designs and despite the negative comments that have sprouted, I want to give this a chance, mainly because I want to believe that they would do it right and won’t repeat the same mistakes they did with Shaider spinoff series “ZAIDO” which went from mediocre to BAAAAAAAAAADDDDD.

Remember Zaido Gold?

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