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Write About Love Review

Here’s my glowing Write About Love review from TBA Studios’ and stars Miles Ocampo, Joem Bascon, Yeng Constantino and Rocco Nacino. Opens December 25.

Directed by Crisanto Aquino, Write About Love is a story of a young writer (Miles) who meets another writer (Rocco). The two then team up together to finish a love story involving two characters played Yeng and Joem.

The two slowly find friendship, kinship and a possibility of love within the 30 days given to them to revise the screenplay for the story “Just Us”.

Honestly, the film wants to touch on a very broad subject (which is love) and contain it within the context of the movie. And for all the effort, I think they managed to tackle all the necessary facets of the subject. There’s complete love, the type of love that needs to be reaffirmed, a broken heart, unrequited love and even great love. But hey, this is by no means a complete mush fest.  I look at it more as a deeper look into love all bottled up in the form of the male and female’s writer doing the screenplay/ script for the movie.

The cast was good in my honest opinion. Compared to the other “big boys” running around on Metro Manila Film Fest 2019’s opening day with the Vice Gandas and the Bossings, we have something more intimate and grounded. We do get great performances from the main cast as well as a surprising awesome perforrmance from Romnick Sarmienta (who seems to be going through a sort of renaissance these days).

I have to applaud Miles Ocampo’s acting for this Film Fest entry. Hers is an optimist girl in a world with so many twisted definitions for love and R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P. And while she may make mistakes or have a very different notion of what love generally is (thanks to a steady diet of romantic films) she grows up. Of all the characters here, she gets to be developed the most and her acting for those scenes are simply awesome. Miles has definitely grown up. Proper love team nalang talaga.

I dig the cool bro/ chill mode that Rocco Nacino did for this film. As the writing partner for Miles’ character, we get to see him play a decent partner with a subtle hint of potential love interest in the mix. Quick heads up though, he doesn’t get to flex his dramatic skills that much here. Still, as a leading man, he does good for this film.

Yeng Constantino and Joem Bascon who plays Marco and Joyce were a nice addition to the film where they play the characters that Miles and Rocco are writing for the film they were developing. Yeng really showed her A-game in this one and she brings her singing prowess too (she did the film’s soundtrack). Her bouncing off lines and sob moments with Joem was nice.

A major shout out too for citing Ricky Lee’s “A Trip to Quiapo” for one of the meatier moments in the scene when male writer and female writer continue talking about developing the story before their due date arrives.

The film finds a good balance between drama and comedy but you can feel from the get go that the film is a romantic film through and through.

If there’s one gripe I can write down for the Write About Love review is that you can easily get the feeling that it paid homage to a movie a little too much. Like, we know that this particular movie was a source for both the real world and reel world but do we really need to go and follow this film’s steps? It doesn’t hurt the film though but yeah, I feel it could have been different.

Write About Love review – Verdict


Write About Love opens December 25!

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