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X-Force # 2 Spoilers

Here are major X-Force # 2 spoilers which was written by Benjamin Percy with art by Joshua Cassara.

So in case you missed the last issue, a team of anti-mutant assassins have successfully infiltrated Krakoa and managed to kill Charles Xavier.

In this issue, the mutants are shocked with what has happened, and none of them are more shocked than Magneto.

Its also nice to note that this is the first time since House of X # 1 where we get to see Professor X without the Cerebro helmet.

Magneto’s mad enough to subtly hint that he could go rogue if this is not dealt with, and by that he means Jean and her team get to the bottom of this and also get Charles back with the help of the X-Men’s newfound Resurrection Five.

It was also a cool moment that we get to see a visual representation of the fabled “Sword of Damocles” made out of the Cerebro helmet.

We also get to see one of Xavier’s many hideouts for his Cerebro helmet back ups. For a quick catch up, Cerebro is needed to revive a dead mutant. Xavier keeps mental backups of every mutants in the world in his helmet which he regularly updates and saves copies for his backup helmets around Krakoa’s network.

Beast and Jean Grey have been tasked to get this up and running to get Professor X back to the world of the living.

Meanwhile we get more exposition with Sage, Healer and Wolverine. We find out that there were skin grafts done on the assassins to make them pass Krakoa’s defense system. They apparently used Domino’s skin for this to happen. Wolverine’s so angry that he announces that he’s going hunting.

As he tracks the movements of those dead assassins, he eventually crosses paths with Kid Omega aka Quintin Quire, who was also doing his own investigation on the death of Professor X.

They team up and do further investigation where they eventually find a facility that grows humans to be used to kill mutants.

While this was happening, Sage also reveals that all the parts of these homunculi have potential for murder; i.e. the ears have wires spooled on them perfect for killing. The teeth have C4 on them.

During this time, Jean Grey also starts probing inside the mind of the fallen assassin that’s barely hanging there.

Back with Wolverine, they get attacked by the creatures in this facility and to make matters worse, Kid Omega’s powers gets disabled during the fight.

Wolverine orders Quire to go and look for Domino who they find out is stored in this facility. We last saw in the book getting caught by this new group of Purifiers; and what did they do to her?

As a friend put it, it looks like X-Force will be the direct “sequel” to HoX/ PoX in terms of politics and the movement for the people in Krakoa. However, I have to admit, that all the books (minus Fallen Angels) are “sequels” to Jonathan Hickman’s awesome book.

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