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DC announces Detective Comics new creative team with Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque

DC Comics has announced the Detective Comics new creative team in the form of Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque.


As of Issue #1062, V and Albuquerque’s Batman story will see the Caped Crusader embark on a “high Gothic story like nothing he’s seen, or heard, before.” Starting with “Gotham Nocturne” part 1 of 4: “Overture,” the Caped Crusader’s city is seemingly playing host to a quiet invasion of demons who have been lured out of the shadows by a strange melody. Beyond the growing darkness, the haunting song is seemingly having an effect on Gotham’s citizens, transforming them into something sinister. While Bruce Wayne contends with this new threat, he must also confront a looming dread that begins to overwhelm his senses, causing him to fear his inner demons and his own looming mortality. V and Albuquerque will be joined by backup story writer Si Spurrier, who will be exploring other parts of Gotham City, starting with Jim Gordon’s return to private investigating. The new team will be taking the reins from writers Mariko Tamaki and Nadia Shammas, artists Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, backup writer Sina Grace and backup artist David Lapham.


“It’s a thrill to be writing a title with the kind of history and pedigree that Detective Comics has,” said V. “When the opportunity first came across my desk, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. For me, the draw of Batman as a character and that of the world around him had always been this blanket of tragedy that lay above it all. So, with that perspective, ‘Gotham Nocturne’ is a quintessentially Batman story, told with the aesthetics of a gothic opera.”

“I’m lucky to be working with a fantastic group of creatives and editors on the project,” continued V. “It is hard to envision a more perfect set of collaborators than Rafael Albuquerque and Dave Stewart. Both of them are already titans in their own right but I think they are great fits particularly for the aesthetic lens of the story. I cannot wait for readers to experience what we’re creating. It is an ambitious story. One that is hopefully worthy of the title that puts the DC in DC!”

Detective Comics #1062 will feature a main cover drawn by Evan Cagle and variant covers by Lee Bermejo and J.H. Williams III. A 1:25 variant cover by InHyuk Lee and a 1:50 foil variant by J.H. Williams will also be available. Artists Ivan Reis will return to the book in Issue #1066 to further explore Gotham’s shadowy corners.

Detective Comics #1062 goes on sale on July 26 from DC. The publisher also confirmed that Detective Comics will return to a monthly schedule starting from Issue #1062.


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