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Frozen 2 Review

Here’s my Frozen 2 review which stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff and more. Its directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Distributed locally by Walt Disney Studios Philippines!

Anna and Elsa are off to another adventure for this sequel to the 2013 and this time, the story takes them on a bigger adventure with bigger stakes. Take note that this is a non-spoiler review so we can only tackle so much without discussing story beats and character developments.

I liked Frozen and I thought Frozen 2 was just OK. The first movie was already tightly knit and there’s very little that we need because that was a happy ending already. So imagine the horror of Frozen Fever which got a lot of moviegoers angry and annoyed. This sequel doesn’t fall victim to the dreaded “Disney Sequel” where they take really good animated films, spin a sequel that taints the whole experience, not to mention it goes straight to video.

Frozen 2 isn’t like that. But its not stellar too. It’s definitely for kids with all the strengths of the franchise clearly in play like great moments for Josh Gad’s Olaf, to the strong feminine touch for Anna and Elsa and even more uplifting familial moments. As I mentioned earlier, the film wants to be bigger and it does so by touching on several uncleared story beats from the first movie namely the true fate of Elsa and Anna’s parents, the source of Elsa’s magical powers and the backstory for the kingdom. All of these gets touched on with some fully fleshed out while others just get barely mentioned.

The songs for me were just OK, nothing really outstanding or as earworm-y as “Let it Go” which was a massive hit for a year or so too!

Characte designs were so good here. If you want a hankering for elemental monsters, Frozen 2 has that for you. I particularly love the design for Elsa’s water elemental called the Nokk .

Frozen 2 Water Nokk 6-Inch Pop! Vinyl Figure

Frozen 2 Earth Giant Pop! Vinyl Figure

The humor gets an upgrade too which made it a lot palatable to watch for adults. Sadly, they wanted to rethread on old story beats too including Olaf and melting (totally not a spoiler).

The movie overall is a good and entertaining ride for both parents and kids and its a worthy sequel. However, its not as good for me as the first movie.

Frozen 2 Review Verdict:



For this Frozen 2 review, I loved the new character designs, the aim of expanding things and touching the backstory. Anna and Elsa definitely grew up from where we last saw them, I have to give Disney and the creative team credit for that. What I’m iffy about is how much this new movie is a clone of the original. There’s so little difference in terms of how things went down and developed. Also the songs didn’t really resonate with me as much as the first one did.

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