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The Exciting Stuff to check out at ManiPopCon

This weekend should be a great weekend for geeks because there are a couple of events happening over the weekend. Here are some of the Exciting stuff you can check out at ManiPopCon happening in Solaire Resort and Casino.

1. SymbioTEQ from Quiccs and Markdwin

This figure has speculators foaming at the mouth seeing how incredibly popular Quiccs toys are. This is available for 2800 pesos at the Big Boys Toy Store section of the convention.

2 HBO and Watchmen

HBO’s new Watchmen series has been driving the mainstream popularity of Alan Moore’s work. HBO is thereby promoting this series at the convention. Get your picture taken as a vigilante and live to tell the take.

3 Combatron Fever

Combatron creator Berlin Manalaysay will be in the venue for both those so you can have him sign your toy or your card game or even the final chapter for book, decades in the making.

4. Music Icon Stamps

OPM is still alive and kicking and we celebrate the music greats with these limited edition stamps featuring The likes of Pepe Smith and Rico J. Puno.

6. DnD

There’s a huge area dedicated for card games and dungeons and dragons. These sessions could be continued sessions or short rounds. The good thing here is that nobody’s a stranger and you can feel free to join in.

7. Cards (lots of them)

Whether it’s Magic the Gathering or other collectible cards, you can be sure to get more of these in ManiPopCon. There’s even a seller for Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics cards.

8. VR and Gaming

Gaming is also represented quite nicely here with Cignal setting up a nice booth for Tekken matches.

Do try out the Virtual Reality booth in the convention as well.

Today is the last day of ManiPopCon so scoot over to Solaire Resort and get your tickets to check out the event.

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