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Somebody just hijacked the WWE 2k20 Facebook Page and its bonkers

Still happening right now, there’s some guy named Nublom who took over the WWE 2K20 Facebook page and is doing all sorts of stuff to the page.

Before all this stuff, this was the cover photo of the page.

Since then, the page handlers have been deleting and/or updating the DP and cover photo.

Nublom then introduces himself much to the positive response of Facebook users.

The user then leaves a post about his work being deleted and the page getting updated.

And it doesn’t end with just trolling as the dude also features AEW or All Elite Wrestling which is really, really ballsy.

And then there’s also a reference to a famous incident and series of videos featuring former Diva’s champion Paige… And we won’t be posting that very sensitive photo. Know that it’s there though.

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