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Freeform Cancels Cloak and Dagger Series

News has broken out that Freeform has canceled Cloak and Dagger series earlier today.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the series was dropped by Freeform as it goes to its third season. The first season was released in June 2018 and the second season’s finale ended in May of 2019.

There are also several factors that came into play which prompted Freeform cancels Cloak and Dagger.

One is the upcoming contract expiry for most of the cast members.

Second is the impending departure of Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb in November, which is heavily rumored to be caused by Disney naming Kevin Feige as the head of creatives for Marvel.

Third is due to decline in viewership from first season to second season, something thats super important for execs.

What do you guys think of this development?

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