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Batman Discovers there are Three Jokers

Seeing how popular Joker is these days, we take a look at one of the more current story arcs DC Comics is currently developing for the clown prince of crime and that happens when Batman discovers there are three Jokers in the DCU.

The whole Three Jokers thing will be a story/ book which will be written by Geoff Johns with art by Jason Fabok. But the seeds of this story first appeared in Johns’ final Justice League story called Darkseid War.

In this tale, the two forces of the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid come to blows with Earth as their battleground. The Justice League pool their forces to stop this war from happening and along the way encounter more allies and enemies. One such character is the New God Metron who they force to evacuate his Mobius Chair. Batman takes over as the new owner and in the panel you see above, he asks the chair various questions including the long standing identity of Joker. The chair surprises Batman with its answer.

Later after winning that battle and closing up the arc, Green Lantern Hal Jordan pays Bruce Wayne a visit at the Batcave to discuss further what they have learned about the “Three Jokers”.

Now we haven’t heard anything about this project ever since it was teased all those years ago. Recently, we did get some art done by Jason Fabok…

Plus here’s a study on the character from various points in time. But apparently, DC Comics wants to reveal that there are three men who call themselves Joker.

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