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Here’s the Backstory for that Jean Grey and Storm Scene from House of X # 5

There’s this awesome scene from House of X # 5 which features Jean Grey and Storm by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz and there’s a specific backstory for that.

For additional context:

It’s revealed that Professor X and Magneto have this backup plan in case key mutants died, which was the case in House of X # 4, and it involves cloning and the use of DNA which Mr Sinister provided for the X-Men. It’s also revealed that there are five mutants who are integral in reviving fallen teammates….

In one of those “cultist” segments, we see Storm raising up her newly resurrected teammates and announcing them to the mutants gathered in Krakoa. First, it was Cyclops then Jean.

Apparently, there was a few panels in X-Factor where Jean and Storm encounter each other…


That’s another reason why House of X and Powers of X is such a good read.

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