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Secret Empire # 9 Spoilers – We Finally Know Bearded Steve’s Secret

This week we have our first spoiler post, our Secret Empire # 9 spoilers and its from Marvel, written by Nick Spencer with art by Leinil Francis Yu and more.


The issue was written by Nick Spencer with art by Leinil Francis Yu and Rod Reis.  In the last issue, Secret Empire # 8, Steve Rogers finally meets Kobik, the sentient cosmic cube in this undisclosed dreamscape world. In this issue, Steve and Kobik have a lengthy talk.

In this decade and the last, it really seems like Marvel loves to use the cosmic cube as a deus ex machine and a way to “remember” things. This is particularly true in Captain America books. Heck, we got back Bucky Barnes at the end of the “Winter Soldier” saga with Captain America telling Bucky to “remember who you are” while clutching the cube.

remember who you are winter soldier

Towards the end of Secret Empire # 9, we return to the dreamscape and catch up on bearded Captain America and Kobik as they trace back all that has happened since Secret Empire # 1 harkening back to as far as the first issue of the current volume of Captain America where he went Hail Hydra.

Turns out, this Captain America is actually Kobik’s memory and not Steve Rogers’ memory. This is what Steve was before he got tampered with by Kobik after the events of the ‘Pleasant Hills’ story arc.

We’ve already seen the previews of what’s going to happen in Secret Empire # 10 so we know that Kobik’s mind will be changed later on in the story. How this will pan out though for the next Marvel Legacy Captain America run will be something to look forward to.

Secret Empire # 10 will be out this week from Marvel.

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