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Anti-Monitor Reveals the Justice League traitor in Justice League # 31

It looks like the Justice League will be hurt both physically and emotionally before the end of this whole Justice-Doom War they are currently embroiled in, especially with the reveal of who the League’s traitor…

Quick recap:

To be able to stand against Perpetua and Apex Lex Luthor, the Justice League follows Starman’s plan of collecting several fragments of his cosmic staff. He sends one team to the future and another to the past. Barry and Green Lantern John Stewart encounters the original Justice Society of America. Meanwhile, the trinity are off in the future where they meet with Kamandi and his resistance crew and square off against Brainiac. In issue 31, the JSA together with Flash and Green Lantern respond to an air raid which turns out to be a Japanese fleet piloted by the members of Legion of Doom.

In this issue, the remaining members of the Justice League in the Hall of Justice join the World Forger and the Monitor as they travel to hyperspace with the hopes of getting to the Anti-Monitor and convince him to join with his brothers to battle their mother Perpetua. Unknown to the heroes, Apex Lex and Perpetua are also on the way to the Anti-Monitor. Meanwhile, the Anti-Monitor starts enacting his plan and gets his henchman ready…

I really need to back read on both the current volume of Aquaman and the last few story arcs of Snyder’s Justice League.

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