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Spider-Man Far From Home DVD and Blu-Ray Collection

Marvel Studios has pointed out recently the release date for the Spider-Man Far From Home Blu-Ray collection and what it would come along with and I’m definitely thinking of getting these soon.

Above you’ll see the regular Blu-Ray cover featuring the main cast for the film including Tom Holland, Jake Gylenhaal, Jon Favreau, Samuel L. Jackson and Zendaya! There’s also another version which you can see below:

Same cover with a preview for the 48-page minibook that comes along with it. Bit of a bummer I haven’t seen any of the contents of the artbook online.

There’s also the DVD cover, looks really the same (no involvement with Mysterio there)

And below you have the cover for the 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital version; and this one I like because its a tad different from the others I posted above. This one also has this “split screen” look with Spider-Man’s new suit as well as the “Stealth Suit” aka “Night Monkey” costume given to him by Fury while on vacation in Europe.

There’s also the Walmart exclusive set which features the Spider-Man Far From Home Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital version as well as a Stealth Suit action figure.

Very neat.

And if action figures aren’t your thing then there’s also the 2-disc 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital with bonus artwork.

Haven’t seen the movie? Check out my Spider-Man: Far From Home review or if you want spoilers, read up on this important Spider-Man Far From Home spoilers. And if you’re not aware of the situation, Disney and Sony have also parted ways and there’s no Spidey in the MCU for a bit; well, till they get the fix on it.

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