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In a recent study, Filipino millennial parents want their kids to be future-proof and HP aims to help.

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HP is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year and their vision to make learning easier through technology.

In order to do so, they conducted a study” “Asian Learning Experience Study” in which explores how the personalities of today’s parents impact the defining ways on how their children learn thus ensuring they have the rights skills, attitude and mind set relevant for the future successes.

“The study gives us insights on how learning is evolving and where our innovation can ensure these young learners thrive.” Said Pallsena V. Viswanath, Managing Director of HP Philippines.

Giving our kids a fighting chance in an uncertain future

The main concern by parent in all countries where the survey was done, is that they want their children “future-proofed.” This is why Filipino parents want to advantage of technology alongside traditional learning.

E-learning & Print-learning

Lexi Schulze leads smart parenting talk along with Cheska Kramer on how to balance traditional learning and digital advances in education. All of the parties involved firmly believe that one of the best times to bond with their kids is when they learn and ultimately they have come to know that the mix of print and digital are most beneficial; as they feel that printed material still holds water for activities related to art, maths and memorization whereas electronic medium fares better facilitating music and auditory and visual talents.

HP’s innovative range of printers and PCs reinvents learning to guarantee that students are equipped with the up to date tools to develop their skills in helping mold their practical, creative, critical and inventive learning.

For more details please log onto: http://bit.ly/HPNewAsianLearningExperience


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