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Bane Kills an Important Member of the Bat-Family (Batman # 77)

Major spoilers for Batman # 77 by Tom King and Mikel Janin. In this issue, Bane kills an important member of the Bat-Family.

City of Bane continues and Batman is still nowhere near Gotham City with Bane taking full control of the city. The rogues have become GCPD officers and only Damian Wayne aka Robin has set foot in thr city. After going through a number of Bane’s allies including Gotham Girl and Scarecrow, Robin meets his grandfather, Thomas Wayne who has taken over as the new Batman of Gotham City.

Sadly he is beaten by his grandfather and brought back to Bane, who also has Alfred captured. Before this, Bane had announced that if they find a member of the Bat-Family in Gotham, he would kill Alfred Pennyworth. He wasn’t bluffing.

Robin wakes up amidst some noise and protest…

Damian wakes up hearing Alfred pleading and asking not to show the boy what will happen next to Thomas Wayne. Sadly those pleas are ignored and when Damian witnesses what is happening, he is shocked.

Batman 77 bane kills alfred

Bane kills an important member of the Bat-Family and its the soul of the group, Alfred Pennyworth.

This puts the cover for Batman # 78 into a whole new light.

God damn.

I hear that Batman # 77 has sold out. Better go and look for this issue because not only was it superbly written, the art is gorgeous and its another “big” issue.

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