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Young Justice Season 3 Reveals Aquaman Kaldur-ahm as Gay and the Internet Celebrates

I’m still not sure whether Kaldur-ahm is bisexual or just queer either way, the Internet celebrates as the new Aquaman in Young Justice Season 3, formerly Aqualad has been outed as gay.

This reveal was done in the episode “Quiet Conversations” where he shows his affections for his fellow Atlantean named Wynnde; this kiss was shared shortly after Kaldur officiallys gets named Aquaman after serving as Aqualad for such a long time.

Kaldur has been a character that has gone through a lot in the series. He started out in the series as the defacto leader for the team acting as interim leader while Robin (Dick Grayson) was still inexperienced to lead. By season 2 he has seen the death of his lover Tula offscreen and becomes a “traitor”. As the traitor, he joins his biological father Black Manta to serve the light and acting as a spy for the Justice League.

young justice aqualad

Kaldur as Black Manta’s partner in Young Justice season 2

So what do you guys think? Kaldur-am as gay something OK and progressive or its something forced in your opinion? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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