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TRENDING: Fans Mistake Man as BTS Jimin

Here’s a funny and trending story from Facebook. Apparently there was a guy who passed off as Jimin from the Kpop group BTS who was mistaken in the mall.

The guy receieved a lot of attention despite his face being covered with a face mask.

And if you think that this is ridiculous, there’s a precedent for the attention. Korean celebrities are known to travel in secret to the Philippines and beforw they get mobbed, they are already out of the country or wherever they are. The only proof are photos in the location.

The other precedent for this is that Kpop celebs love to wear face masks when they go to public.

Going back to this guy, it seems like he did like the attention he has received. But at the end of the day he had to reveal who he really was.

Apparently, not only was he a fan of Jimin, emulating his fashion sense, he’s reportedly a goid dancer too.

Credits to the original posters for the photo.

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