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Juan Brew’s Cosmic Carabao reportedly putting people in hospital

The Cosmic Carabao drink produced by Juan Brew is reportedly trending due to it beung a deadly drink which has allegedly put people in hospital and even worse, killed people.

Cosmic carabao

The deadly drink got several people on Twitter talking about them especially since one of them had their friends rushed to the hospital after drinking the alcoholic beverage.

In the Twitter post, we also see comments including an article that actually states that the Cosmic Carabao drink has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Authority or FDA. You can read the CNN post here.

@Sentastic also writes that the bad batch had given 3 days of vomitting and even temporary blindness, another Twitter user, @abcoronel chimed in saying his friend died last week from the same drink.

Credits Twitter

No word yet on what’s going to happen here but clearly somebody should be held responsible for this. I mean selling a product that’s not FDA approved already says a lot right.


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