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Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans

After that tease last year at the end of Teen Titans Go to the Movies, we finally have the first trailer for Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans!

Teen titans go vs teen titans

Sadly, this epic crossover wont be happening in cinemas. Instead it goes direct to DVD and Blu-ray.

But enough of that. Watch the trailer for Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans below.

And there’s just so many things to love about this animated feature. We have two Robins who try to outdo each other…

And just like any standard comic book team-ups, we will see the two teams fight…

Before teaming up…

And then facing the narrative’s real villain. In this case, its the two versions of Trigon, Raven’s dad.

Can’t wait to catch this when it gets officially released. And wouldn’t mind getting it on Blu-ray as well.

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