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New Young Justice Season 3 Poster Surfaces

Its going to be a little while before we see the second half of Young Justice season 3 aka Young Justice Outsiders but we got a new Young Justice season 3 poster recently revealed online.

And hey, most of the integral characters are here from Nightwing and Superboy, Beast Boy and Cyborg are also here. The newly created team (in the series anyway) called The Outsiders are also here.

More importantly we see the season’s villains prominently placed on top of the Young Justice season 3 poster namely Granny Goodness and Lex Luthor. Luthor has been around since YJ season 1 serving as the member of The Light together with Vandal Savage.

There’s also Terra, who we all know is bad news for any team that has characters like Beast Boy and Robin in the mix. But if you don’t have a clue, it would be none other than the classic Teen Titan story “Teen Titas: The Judas Contract”.

Teen titans judas contract

Granny Goodness in the other hand is new. She’s one of the familiar characters working with Darkseid and trains the elite group called the Female Furies.

She trains and oversees these women warriors who also had in their ranks the JLA member Big Barda, who also happens to be Mister Miracle’s wife.

This would make the inevitable clash between the team and Darkseid himself something that may come down sooner than what we expect. Hey, for all we know, Darkseid could be the villain the teams take down at the end of the season.

Young Justice Outsiders is slated to return October 2020.

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