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HP Helps Brands Tap Into Print Personalization Market

Manila, June 19, 2019 — HP today unveiled its framework, The Personalization Pinwheel, to help brand owners tap into the growing personalization market. Informed by insights from more than 45 million online conversations across the globe, the framework hones in on what motivates consumers to personalize – from photo books to magazine covers to consumer packaged goods – and how brands can capitalize on those motivations.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing like getting an item that is made especially for you. In fact, more than 50% of millennials and Gen Z-ers expressed a desire for personalized products and they are willing to pay a premium for it. In addition, research indicates that 70% of shoppers are willing to shell out at least 10% more for personalized products. The personalization industry is booming – with the personalized gift market expected to be valued at $31-B dollars by 2021, a 55% jump from 2016’s numbers – and HP Graphics Solutions is at the center of the personalization megatrend through its delivery of digital printing innovation.

“Personalization creates lasting, meaningful experiences with consumers while driving increased brand loyalty and engagement. HP’s digital printing capabilities enable this by transforming how consumers connect to brands through personalized packaging and products,” said Pallasena V Viswanath, Managing Director, HP Philippines. “There is great potential for Philippine brands to explore new, personalized approaches to further grow their business and accelerate speed to market.”

Locally, GA Printing is the first HP Indigo customer in the Philippine commercial printing market. With HP, GA Printing changed Filipino perceptions of digital printing by showing brands how they can deliver offset color quality and media versatility to their customers, who are among the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines.

The speed and quality of the HP Indigo printer helps GA Printing produce premium items for customers with time sensitive requirements. This allows print service providers to accommodate customers with low volume but high value pages, and gives brands flexibility to deliver amazing experiences to their customers in a short period of time. Digital thinking enabled GA Printing to secure a future-proof strategy through complementing their traditional offset capabilities, while rekindling the creative soul of the company.

Another recent personalization effort that was well-received by consumers was by Indonesian brand WRP Active Coco. Through a keen understanding of the design aesthetic interests of their target customers, the brand came up with five different eye-catching designs for their Coco Splash drink. The colorful labels of the limited-edition bottles were printed by the HP Indigo digital press and helped create conversations about the brand online, resulting in a 20% increase in sales.

HP’s research uncovered the following digital print advantages of the Personalization Pinwheel:

  • Fingerprinting – drive share of market through collectability of unique items
  • Flying Your Flag – drive engagement by personalizing products according to heritage
  • Letting It All Hang Out – increase connections with Millennials and Gen Z by celebrating individual consumer stories
  • Permission to Indulgence – allow consumers to tailor their experience of the world to their own unique preferences
  • Bringing Bonds to Life – grow penetration by expanding into gifting and e-commerce through fully customized products
  • Mindful Materialism – build value and differentiate through purpose by enabling consumers to express their own voice in solving social or environmental issues

Brands in the Philippines of all sizes can explore endless personalization possibilities with HP Indigo. The digital presses cater to commercial, labels and packaging, flexible packaging, folding cartons which may be sheet-fed, and web-fed. HP Indigo uses specialty software such as HP Smartstream, HP Mosaic, and HP Collage that allows the creation of virtually unlimited design variations.

HP Indigo digital technology provides the capability to allow brands to create versioning, hyper-customization, and personalization, allowing them to engage and interact with the modern consumer.

Brands can access personalization with partners including Wordtext Systems Inc. (Leanne Manalaysay, +63 2 858 5555) or directly reach out to HP for more information (Ivy Joan Tamisin,

+63 917 584 9315).

Home businesses like home bakeries, event planners, wedding planners, online sellers and travel agencies which are also keen on creating personalized experiences from the comfort of your own home office can also consider the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage or HP Ink Tank printers, which are easy to set up, perfect for the home, and can wirelessly print your creations from multiple devices including your HP laptop or mobile device.



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