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The Legion returns to the DCU with Legion of Superheroes: Millennium

DC Comics has officially announced a new project which will see the return of the Legion of Superheroes called Legion of Superheroes: Millennium which will be written by Brian Michael Bendis with artist Ryan Sook.

According to a recent interview with Comicbook.com, Bendis will be reintroducing readers to the LOSH and what they stand for. They will also be giving us a familiar yet unrevealed character from present DC lore who becomes immortal and manages to get to 31st Century, where the Legion resides.

Along the way with our POV, readers will be given a chance to look at how the Legion had inspired Superman to become what he, a symbol of hope and heroism.

Also in store for LOSH fans are the new costumes and looks for various characters like Saturn Girl whose art by Ryan Sook we can see above.

Legion of Superheroes: Millennium will be arriving in stores later this year.

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