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How Superboy Ended up in Gemworld – Young Justice # 3

Doing some catch up on DC Comics’ Young Justice which was written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Patrick Gleason

The issue picks up with Bart Allen and Conner Kent aka reuniting. Bart has a ton of questions and Conner’s apprehensive about Impulse being in Gemworld.

But the Gemworld invaders from issue 1 makes an appearance and ruins the reunion.

But rather than fight the Gemworld warriors, Conner decides to surrender; at that point readers are given a trip down memory lane as we see the cocky Superboy, still studying in Smallville, beating the crap out of a giant space monster.

He tries to help this secret lab but is turned away. The next day in school, Connor makes a big decision that not only affects his life but also his classmates and teachers and hell even Superman. And that would be return to the giant monster, get some answers and be rebellious and all. He also exposes his identity to his class.

He returns to the scene and demands answers on what’s happening; he doesn’t get answers so he starts smashing around…


He sees the lab is involved in some experiments with Gemworld and the scientists are mining resources too.

Conner zooms into the light and he gets zapped into Gemworld with no way of getting back.

And that kids is how Superboy ended up in Gemworld.

That kinda explains his absence in the New 52; maybe that would even connect him with Superman and a reality where Superman’s parents (Ma and Pa Kent) are alive and taking care of Connor in the Kent farm.

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